serving pressure

Does the serving pressure need to stay at what the chart says for carbonation level at specific temp? Or once the carbonation level is reached will it stay the same if the pressure is reduced.?

Serving pressure will be specific to your system. Once your beer is carbed, you can set to serving pressure (mine is right around 8 psi) and it will maintain carbonation through the end of your keg.


I had the beer carbed to where I liked it, pressure was set at 12psi for a few days and it worked good, it’s been set at 6psi for the last couple days now and it went kinda flat. What am I doing wrong?

If it takes 12 psi to achieve your desired carbonation level, then you need to keep your keg at that pressure to maintain your desired level of carbonation. If you drop your pressure, then CO2 will migrate out of the beer, and it’ll eventually go flat. If you’re having problems serving (excess foam, etc,) you might consider either lengthening your serving lines, or temporarily dropping your keg pressure while serving.

Thanks Marty, it makes sense that if it takes a certain pressure to force co2 into a liquid, that it should take the same amount to keep it in the liquid. I found a beer line length formula and got it dialed in.