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Serious but DUMB question

I use a combo as needed of liquid and/or dry malt plus grains. is it possible to just do it with drains alone and no liquid or dry malt? I realize people will say that is all grain brewing but maybe not really - it is using the same methods as extract or partial extract and grain but without the extract. I do not know anything about all grain brewing but I believe there is more to it than this. I am asking because if i have a bunch of grains but am out of extracts can this be done? or will it be too watery and not enough of that maltiness. Thanks!

Search for ‘brew in a bag’ or BIAB, think that might be what you’re looking for.

You are going to all grain brewing if no liquid malt extract or dry malt extract is used. Brew In A Bag may be the way to start.
Possibly need a larger kettle because of the bulkiness of grains.
Here is a link for some starting reading.

Ok - thanks. I guess I will not go in that direction then. Better to just get some more Malt! :smiley:

The key is that the grains will have to be “mashed” in order convert their starches into sugars. With the brewing you’ve tried so far, the sugars are all coming from the extract and the grains are only being “steeped” to provide flavor and color.

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