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Sending bottled homebrew in the mail:

is USMail or FedEx better? Never done it. Thanks!
any other recommendations?

Its not legal to send it via US mail…I sent a 6 pack to a member here once of a local brew via UPS and it cost almost $25 to ship a $10 six pack…not sure what Fedex would charge.

[quote]Only licensed entities may ship alcohol of any type with
FedEx. … Consumers may not ship alcohol.[/quote]
UPS is the same deal. If you do ship beer tell them it is yeast or something. Pack it very well because if one breaks and they figure out it is beer it will not continue on.

Thanks guys!

Sign up for a online account, print out your label, and drop it off or schedule a pickup. Shipping is cheaper and they don’t care whats in it. Place a heavy duty trash bag in the box before packing, wrap each bottle in bubble wrap, and tie the top of the trash bag when finished packing. That way if one does break it is contained.

this. I sent my bourbon stout to one of them Sam Adams dealios. one of my bottles broke, package leaked & they stopped shipping it.

I sent a case of homebrew in a Sprecher root beer box which was heavily protected with styrofoam inserts to the point where it was almost impossible to damage it. The UPS lady was not even 1/2 mile away when it fell off her top shelf and broke several bottles. She turned around and brought them back and hinted that the root beer smelled malty. I was told not to ever try that again.

that sucks!

Makes sense to put a box of rootbeer on the top shelf. Doh!

[quote=“TG”]Makes sense to put a box of rootbeer on the top shelf. Doh![/quote]My thoughts exactly.

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