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Selling my custom kegerator - Twin Cities - MN

Haven’t been here in a while.
Life is slowing my brewing.

I used to post under the handle 10gallonhat
. It looks like my account has been flagged for spamming while I was gone. Sorry about that.

I’m looking to offload a kegerator to a good home. It’s sitting in my basement collecting dust disassembled. My wife even went so far as to work with Northern Brewer designers to get artwork to blow up and create vinyl sticker art for it. It’s a modified Danby mini-fridge. All told, it was over $600 in gear. (See Below). I can only find one picture of it assembled (see below), but I can send some more later tonight of the parts if you are interested.

The kegerator holds the CO2 tank and two corny kegs no problem. Tower mounted on the top. I have a fan and tube to push cold air up into the tower wired up to prevent a big temp change when pouring.

I’m asking $400 or best offer. Reply or message me if you are interested.

Twin Tap Tower

Two Perlick Faucets

Double Kegging System

  • Brand new CO2 tank (still mostly full).
  • Two corny kegs (need cleaning)
  • Dual regulator

Danby Stainless Mini-fridge that fits everything.
Two extra faucets that came with the tap tower
Two tap handles (one Summit and one Schell’s)
Tap wrench
Food safe lubricant for seals, etc… Everything you need.

You know anyone heading to the northeast (specifically, toward or through Rochester, NY) anytime soon?

Its a bummer we aren’t closer, I’m in the market and that looks like it would serve my needs nicely.

Sorry, No I don’t have any ideas on how to get it to NY. I am guessing shipping would be prohibitively expensive. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this still for sale? However, I do live in Ohio. This looks like everything I need for kegging!

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