Selling homebrewed to restaurants?

Has anybody hear experiences on selling homebrewed beer to restaurants? I’ve been making my own beer for the past 15 years or so but never even thought that I could actually make business out of it. I currently live in Northern Europe and apparently here it’s totally normal for especially small restaurants to buy some. A friend of mine told me that a restaurant Cantina
(which according to the web page looks a totally decent place…) could be even 3 euros (around 4 bucks) for a bottle which sounds totally amazing for me…

Has anybody tried this ?

I haven’t, but I believe that could get into some choppy water with health codes here in the U.S. I doubt any restaurant would buy from a homebrewer with the flooded market of actual craft breweries these days.
It’s worth a shot if someone has the right connections, but I don’t know if there’s any red tape or how much

Illegal in the USA. Not sure about other countries, but you should certainly educate yourself well on all the codes and regulations in your area before committing or selling anything.

Definately illegal in Finland, and I can’t imagine it is legal anywhere else in the EU, though I suspect it isn’t enforced to the same level everywhere. Don’t do it unless you have all required licences and permits in place. Most countries in N. Europe take public health and food supply safety very seriously.

Check with a couple of restaurants that know you. They will know the law, and you will have their first hand opinion of selling home brew.

And some of those countries take it far more seriously than the USA does.

Apparently the poster is a troll. Has a link to a restaurant in Sweden in his post, and there is NO WAY someone in Sweden (which has the strictest alcohol laws in Europe) would ask such a question.

I thought the same thing. I think it’s a bot just trying to get people to visit that site.

I’m a member of quite a few forums online, and I’ve seen some very sophisticated bots.

The gov is touchy about making alcohol to sell. They want their taxes.

Is that the same thing when ‘Beersk’ refers to those ‘cross dressing amateurs’ ?