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Seeking advice on a beer thin in taste

I all, I have an APA in primary going on 7 days. I tasted it yesterday and while the bitterness and aroma is what I hoped for, the beer is thin and lacking any significant taste. Is there any way I can infuse it at this point with something that will generate some mouth feel and substance. It was modeled after a Jamil APA, 2 row, munich, wheat, carmel 60. It was my first AG and I think I must have pooched the mash. I’ve heard people using Malta Cola? Any help is much appreciated.

you probably just mashed at too low of a temperature, this would create less sugers being devloped and a “lesser bodied beer” Usually when you are looking for a fuller bodied beer you mash in the 156 range. If you did mash around this temp within a degree or two, then I really dont know were you might of went wrong, How long did you mash for?

Further more I would not worry about it until the beer is completly finished fermenting.


I think young beers taste a bit thin. It could be because the beer isn’t carbed yet. After you bottle/keg it, give it a couple of weeks to condition and it will taste better.


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