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See if you can build me a recipe

Check out my inventory and see if you can build me a recipe
Maybe a favorite recipe or simple one. Thought this would be interesting to see what others brew or come up with. Might be able to grab a few items not on the list if need be.

G01 Stefon (Hefe)
A04 Barbarian (Hop Forward
A07 Flagship (Chico)


8 oz Simcoe
5 oz Chinook
4 oz Mosaic
4 oz Azacca
2 oz German Tettnang
2 oz Palisade
1 oz Columbus
1 oz Warrior
1/2 oz? Us Northern Brewer
1/2 oz? Willamette
1/2 oz? Amarillo

+50 lbs Rahr 2 row
7 lbs Weyermann Wheat
4 lbs Weyermann Barke Pilsner
3 lbs Briess Rye
2 lbs Briess C40
1.25 lbs Dingemans Cara 8
1 lb Briess Carapils
1 lb Briess C60
1 lb Briess C80
.5 lb Fawcett Dark Crystal
.5 lb Fawcett Medium Crystal
.5 lb Briess C120
.5 lb Weyermann Vienna
.5 lb Dingemans Aromatic
.5 lb Briess Special Roast
.5 lb Rahr Pilsner
.5 lb Rahr White Wheat
.5 lb Briess Bonlander Munich
(Some of the .5 lb grains may be more or less give or take eye balled jar)

Take the 2 types of Pils and combine them with the Vienna… That’s 5 lbs… And another 5 of two row…
Use the .5 of northern and 1 of Tettenang to the boil… At FO… 1 each Tettenang and chinook… Chico strain… Ferment at 63 for a week… Then room temp for a few more days… Keg… For a 5 gallon batch. 1.056 OG… Serve at a bit higher carbination… :beers:

This used to be my house brew but I haven’t done it in a long time. Brewed it first on a Memorial Day so that’s where the name came from. I would always use a chico strain but I’m sure the barbarian would suit as well.

Wounded Warrior

Recipe specifics:

Style: American IPA
Batch size: 5.3 gal
Boil volume: 6.5 gal
OG: 1.059
FG: 1.015
Bitterness (IBU): 83.2
Color (SRM): 5.3
ABV: 5.8%


10.00 lb Two-row (US), 93.0%
0.38 lb Crystal 40L, 3.5%
0.38 lb CaraPils, 3.5%


1.00 oz Simcoe (AA 12.0%, Pellet) 60 min, 40.4 IBU
1.00 oz Simcoe (AA 12.0%, Pellet) 15 min, 20.1 IBU
1.00 oz Simcoe (AA 12.0%, Pellet) 10 min, 14.7 IBU
1.00 oz Simcoe (AA 12.0%, Pellet) 5 min, 8.1 IBU
2.00 oz Simcoe (AA 12.0%, Pellet) dry hop

Looks like enough stuff to do alot of beers. The wheat and pilsner with the tet obviously a Hefenweizen. I’d do a mock ESB with the US-04 using some 2-row aromatic and some of the crystal malt with Willamette. A bunch of pale ales for sure and I used to make a nice rye IPA with amerillo. Looks like you have enough for about 6 five gallon batches.

I think you should stay away from IIPA to preserve your hop supplies

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