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My first time doing a secondary fermentation!..I kept my beer in the primary for 2 weeks at 68 degrees F rack to secondary for one week at 68 degrees F …cold crash for three days bottled at 70 degree F air conditioned room temp and my bottles have no sediment in the bottoms of them … Except for the last bottle (Trub bottle)…They’ve been conditioning for two weeks… My question is will they carbonate without sediment/ yeast in the bottom of the bottles? I’m using brown PET plastic bottles… They have firmed up a little but still not rock hard… Still can squeeze them a little bit… Is there need to worry?

No need to worry. Even though you can’t see the yeast the cells are throughout the beer. It would take a very fine micron filter to remove yeast cells.

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There’s probably a really little layer of sludge in your bottle.

Yes, no worries. Even though some yeast may have been left behind there should have been enough left in suspension for bottling. Could take slightly longer but I would just find a little warmer spot for the bottles like mid seventies and wait. The nice thing about the plastic bottles is that you can easily check carbonation by squeezing them.

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