Sediment in bottles

What is the cause of increased sediment in bottles? My holiday spiced pumpkin Ale which I brewed for Thanksgiving created a good 1/4" of chunky sediment. The top 11ozs. are tasty and clear. First Ag Pumpkin spice so below are my questions.

Could it be excess proteins that dropped out from the pureed pumpkin? I will not make that mistake again. Massive stuck sparge, I’ll use chunks next year.

Primed with dark brown sugar. Could type of priming sugar make a difference?

Could I have bottled too soon and there was extra yeast in the wort that fell after conditioning?

Yes. All of the above.

Yes on all counts. How long was it in primary? Did you use a secondary? I almost never use a secondary, but with pumpkin brews it’s definitely useful to get all the sediment out, either that or a solid 4 weeks in primary.

Pumpkin was in primary 2 weeks secondary 2 weeks. OG was 1.064 FG was 1.010. When I say stuck mash I mean the purreed pumpkin turned to jell in the mash. What a mess. This beer was one I entered in my first comp. with one judge saying too much spice and the other judge saying He couldn’t taste any, but no comments on sediment so I guess They overlooked it.
Is there a difference in using table sugar or priming sugar to bottle? I’ve got a deutsch Alt and a farmhouse Biere Detable to bottle this weekend and no kegs.