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Secondary question

I’m doing my first wine making kit and need a little clarification before I move on to clarifying. I did follow the instructions to letter and had an active fermentation going about a day later. I didn’t take an OG and had to work hard to keep the temp in the 72* range. The must was in the primary for 13 days instead of the five to seven in the instructions. I transferred to the secondary and took a SG reading of .0992. The instructions say that at .0998 or below to proceed with fining and stabilizing and I was going to do that the next day. Well today was the next day and I noticed activity in the airlock. My understanding is that the two potassium chemicals are to stop fermentation. My question now is there anything to be gained by letting the fermentation continue a while longer? My intuition is to press on with the fining and stabilizing but any advice from someone more experienced would be appreciated.

Your gravity would suggest that fermentation is complete (you can verify by taking another reading and making sure it is the same)

Just looking at it should tell you if there is still fermentation going on.

Most likely the airlock activity (assuming it was minor) had to do with trapped gas escaping the finished wine, and not a direct result of active fermentation.

So yes, go ahead and process.

Yup. +1

Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I failed to consider a little “off gassing” going on there. I’ll press on.

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