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My wife just bought me a keggerator for Christmas and I am going to be jumping in to kegging. I have a pilsner next up on the brew bill and I was wondering if I could just skip secondary/laagering and go straight from primary to keg and pop it in the fridge for a month? Do I put any CO2 pressure on it or just let it sit and then carb it after secondary in the keg/fridge.

That’s my process. From primary to keg in the kegerator on CO2.

I always go from primary to keg. If I’m lagering, I unscrew the pressure relief valve and insert a 1/2" OD tube (about an inch long) into the lid. I then put an airlock in the tube and viola, 2ndary. After said lagering time I put the relief valve back, prime, and put the keg where it will reach fermentation temps again. 2 or 3 weeks later she goes back in the fridge.

One could artificially carb and save some time. I prefer all-a-natural. If you go the natural route, you should use less primer vs when bottling. I’ve found 1/2 cup sugar or 3/4 cup honey to be a good rule of thumb when priming in a keg.


+1 right into the keg after primary and let it carb at the same time

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