Secondary forming bubbles/foam

A week ago I racked my beer into a secondary after fermenting in the primary for two weeks. The top of the beer began to show small signs of bubbles. I thought nothing of this until this morning when I noticed that there were plenty more. It looks like the top of the beer in my secondary is forming a bit of foam. I am certain that there is no air getting into the secondary. Is this a bad sign? Is this normal? Is it still fermenting? Is this CO2? Or does this mean my beer is going to be awesome?

two weeks was a little early to rack, so it might be fermenting just a bit but it is most likely C02 coming out of solution

Thanks for the information! This is my second batch and first to put into a secondary. I was just following Northern Brewer instructions that came with my extract kit. Could the release of CO2 be caused from me moving my carboy too?

Probably just from the transfer. Fermentation creates lots of co2