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Secondary for octoberfest lager?

I’ve asked about secondary before, but wanted to know if it’s OK to ferment a lager in the primary only and not go to a secondary. I’ve had general poor results any time I go to a secondary. If it’s just a clarity issue, I’m not concerned with that. Since this is my first lager, I wasn’t sure if the rules on secondary fermentation vary from ales. As always, thanks for your input.

Will you be bottling or kegging? I have yet to secondary a lager…i just leave it in primary for 3-4 weeks…then bottle/keg and lager.

Weird, I was understanding that racking off the lee’s, then aging, er “lagering” is what was somewhat the attribute to lager yeast… I will bet you can do it anyway you want, but, a cold phase will help to settle out yeast, ale or lager…. Sneezles61

Kegging to lager is your secondary. For bottling a lager it wouldn’t hurt to lager in a secondary, then cold crash and then bottle. It’s more work than kegging and why I didn’t do lagers until I kegged. Of course you can bottle directly after primary but you will have the sediment issue.

I will be bottling. Thanks. That’s good to hear. I don’t like to over complicate.

As brewcat says you will get some sediment but hey…its homebrew :slight_smile:

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