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Secondary for a 3 gallon batch

I made a 3 gallon batch using left over ingredients and some honey. I have no idea how this beer will turn out, but I’d like to dry hop it with the half ounce of Falconers Flight I have left over from the flameout addition I made to it before fermenting.

Anyway, I’d like to get it off the cake and into a secondary but I realized that my antique 3 gallon carboy won’t take the same bung as my 5 gallon does. Will it hurt it to secondary in the 5 gallon carboy? I know some of you will probably tell me to leave it in the bucket but I’ve got to free it up for something else. Also, if I remove the lid to toss in the pellets for DH (there by releasing my protective layer of CO2, I’m effectively doing the same thing as putting it in a 5 gallon carboy with the airspace… ya know?

Unless you guys think I can get way with a piece of tin foil or something on the 3 gallon carboy instead of a lock and bung?

Thanks for any advice! :cheers:

Go ahead and move it to the 3 gal carboy and you don’t need a bung for secondary. A piece of sanitized alum foil will do just fine. it will be tight enough keep out any cooties yet loose enough to release any excess CO2.


Roger that!

You won’t release the layer of CO2. CO2 is heavier than air and won’t climb up out of a carboy or bucket.

You can use foil as suggested, or even a doubled up square of Saran Wrap held in place with a rubberband around the neck. I’ve done this even on regular 5gal carboys (when all my stoppers were otherwise engaged), and the beers have sat in them for months with no negative effect at all.

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