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Secondary Fermentation

I only have the ale pails (no carboy) so I’m a bit worried about contamination in racking over the wort from the primary fermenter.

I have an ale recipe that calls for two weeks primary and 3-to-4 weeks secondary fermentation.

If I simply bottle the beer after two weeks in the primary, but let it bottle condition for a minimum of four weeks before chilling and drinking, is that the equivalent of secondary fermentation for four weeks?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

why not leave it in primary for 3-4 weeks then bottle condition for ~2 weeks? still end up at about the same 5-6 week time frame. I would recommend that much more than your thoughts (just giving an honest answer).

4 weeks in a bottle IMO does not equates to 2 weeks or so of secondary and 2 weeks bottle conditioning.

Is there anything specific the recipe wants you to do in teh secondary or does it just say “move to secondary”?

again, if that is the case my vote is leave it in primary for another week (or even week and a half or so) then bottle. you should be more than fine.

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure that your brew has hit its final gravity before bottling…

The secondary probably is not needed (unless you are dry hopping). You can bottle after two weeks as long as you know for sure it is finished fermenting - gravity readings.

I would leave it for 3-4 weeks in primary, then bottle as mentioned above.

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