Secondary Fermentation

So I’m experimenting with different types/additives for my one gallon batches, and I’ve noticed that the majority of them are remaining fairly cloudy, even after a few weeks in the bottle and fridge… I’m guessing that a secondary fermentation would clean them up, but as that separates the beer from most of the yeast, will that leave enough remaining yeast to get a decent carbonation in the bottle, or will I have to add more yeast? (And if so, wouldn’t that just bring me back to the problem of having overly cloudy beer?) Any help would be awesome- Thanks guys

Make sure you are chilling your wort quickly after the boil. Also try cold crashing the beer before bottling. I moved to kegging long ago and am not sure, but you may have to pitch a bit more yeast after cold crashing.

A secondary will not remove more yeast versus leaving the beer in primary for the same length of time, it just makes racking off the cake easier since it’ll be smaller and usually more compact.

Yeah, usually my wort is cooled within 15 minutes after the boil ends, so I don’t think that’s it- But I am hoping to invest in a cooling coil soon. And as far as the Primary/Secondary fermentation jugs go, they’re both 1 Gal. So I’m not really sure what difference that makes. (Sorry, I’m new to all this)

For 1 gallon batches, I’m guessing that if you rack to a secondary, then rack again for bottling, you’re leaving alot of volume of drinkable beer behind.
So, if I were you I’d probably leave everything in your primary for 3 weeks, then cold crash and maybe add gelatin for 24-48 hours before bottling. That’ll settle everything.
And unless you are letting your beer sit for 6-8 months, you shouldn’t need to add any more yeast.