secondary fermentation

Is there any ill effects in having your secondary fermenter getting bumped around. I recently had a family member over to my house to remove some things of his that I have been storing for some time when all of a sudden mr clubfoot decided to knock into the fermenter with his foot sloshing the carboy around. I was trying to leave it uninterrupted for another week but I guess that is out of the question now.

I wouldn’t worry about it.

Most of the sludge sticks to your primary anyhow. I think it is impossible to not have some sediment/yeast in homebrew - it’s part of the fun of it!

Don’t give it a second thought…anything that might have gotten stirred up will settle back out in short order.

You’ll be fine. I had about the same thing happen here. It didn’t take much time for everything to settle back out.

I too have had the same thing happen. It was early on in my learning process. It ended up and excellent beer.