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Secondary fermentation temps

I have two brews in my spare fridge with a temp control at around 63*. They have both been in the fridge for at least two weeks. Active fermentation has been over for a while.

Is it preferable to leave these two brews in the fridge until I am ready to bottle, or can I transfer to a secondary and place in a 75* room, so I can free up space to for other brews.

Will this tempature change during secondary effect the quality, character of the beer?


Are you looking to clear up space in the fridge for something else? If so I say move em. I’ve never really worried about secondary temp but then again I haven’t really researched it’s importance either so take that advice with this in mind. If not just leave them in there.

I’m curious to hear other peoples responses on this topic.

That’s an interesting one, but I would say you’re fine with keeping your fermenters out of the fridge. Again, it’s all brewers preference - as there is no right or wrong on THIS particular matter (IMHO).

I’ve only used my fridge to lager. My basement stays around the mid 60’s most of the year, so it’s a perfect temperature for a normal fermentation… Maybe let it sit out for a day or two, and get one of those stick on thermometers to place on the outside of the bucket. You may think it’s warmer than it actually is!!

Most of the time, if you’re doing a secondary, it’s for flavoring (also, my opinion). I know a lot of folks on here don’t use them - which is fine.

As long as you’re not subjecting your beer to extreme temperatures, or fluctuations, it will age/condition just fine. I’d leave the extra space in my fridge for cool beers I’d want to drink NOW!


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