Secondary Fermentation Temp for Waldo Lake Amber

This is my first brew that I need to rack in a secondary. Yeast is still pretty active 1 week after pitch at 70 - 73 degrees. When I rack it, if I put it under my stairs, it’ll run very close to 55 - 60 degrees. Is that too cold? NB directions don’t mention anything about temp for secondary.

Let your primary go until it’s finished(stable SG). Then if you want to rack it to a secondary, that’s your call. The term “Secondary Fermentation” should probably be retired as you really don’t get much additional fermentation, unless you’re adding more fermentables. When I use a secondary, it’s because I’m adding ingredients, or want to rack it to clear it up, or I want to lager it for more weeks/months than I want to tie up my primary. But, you’ll get opinions on both sides of the debate, so go with what works for you. And , in my opinion, cold temps are good for secondary. I keep mine as cold as I can get.So, yes I would go with the 55-60*

Good info, thanks!

oops, forgot another reason where I use a secondary:
If I want to harvest yeast to start another batch after two weeks, but don’t really want to bottle that early.