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Secondary Fermentation restarted

I brewed an Ale using NB Innkeeper Extract kit with Wyeast 1469 West Yorkshire Ale yeast

After a week in the primary I racked to a 5 gallon glass carboy for secondary fermentation. After a week in the secondary I was going to keg it but noticed that fermentation had appeared to restart. I have left it a couple of days but am still getting a slow but steady bubbling through the airlock – is this batch likely contaminated or is this fermentation likely to stop ?

thanks for any advice

Did you take a hydro reading before secondary? Its likely off gassing dissolved CO2.

Thanks Josh – no I didn’t – what’s making me think it may be contaminated is that it didn’t release much gas for about 6 days then started - there is now bubbling through the airlock – slow but steady for the last couple of days

Do you see anything forming on the top? Get a sample and taste/smell it. You will know if its infected.

Did you have any weather or temp changes? The colder the beer the more CO2 will remain dissolved. If the berr warms it off gasses.

Thanks for the replies – this one turned out to be a really slow fermentation. It’s now kegged and tastes great

It could be that after only a week the fermation was not finished. Don’t rack till you are sure the beer is fully fermented out.
Taking it off the primary yeast cake to soon can result in a sweet unfinished beer and the yeast cake will also clean up the off flavors.
Make good friends with your Hydrometer.

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