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Secondary Fermentation/Airlock Question

I transferred my American Wheat into secondary today. I’m dry hopping with amarillo and using the process as good practice. Any how, i have two questions. 1. when i took the gravity reading my hands were still wet from washing and a few drips went into the beer. is this cause for concern? 2. when i put the airlock on, i had siginificant bubbles left over from sanitizing my better bubble. the bubbles have flowed into the airlock. Is this cause for concern?

On a separate note, i had a gravity reading of 1.016 so i appear to be doing okay so far. Also i added corriander and orange zest to the boil, which gave the wheat a nice amber color,

  1. A few drops of clean water in a carboy is not a problem.
  2. Starsan bubbles in the airlock is not a problem. The airlock is already filled with starsan, right?

It’s usually not a problem on secondary, but if the bubbling gets particularly vigorous, you may lose sanitizer from the bubbler. As long as there is enough to keep fresh air out, you’re good.

Starsan should be clear to milky-white. If it turns other colors, or gets chunks, it’s contaminated; replace it with a clean airlock with fresh sanitizer. Any booze can substitute for sanitizer in an airlock.

i actually filled the airlock with distilled water. The bubbles from star san were coming up from the fermenter. i did get some star san bubbles out the top of the airlock, but not many. i checked again this am and it seems very calm.

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