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Secondary Fermentation Additions?

I am on my fourth fermentation. The previous three went great and have loved each of them.
Doing Caribou Slobber now, and ready to transfer for secondary fermentation. I thought after the White House Honey Porter that maybe a little more kick and molasses might be nice. Light brown sugar seems to be the thing some are adding to recipes with some success.
Is it too late for me to doctor this batch? Or is this the time referred to when some say “fermentation slows down” ?
I think i will be happy with this as is, but thought I might dip a toe in to tinkering…

If you want to add more sugar, do it in the primary so you have the yeast cake to digest it.

I have brewed many gallons of Slobber. It is a very full bodied American brown ale. I would not try to doctor it until you have tasted it after it has been fully bottle conditioned.
I do not use a secondary with the Slobber. At two weeks in the primary start checking for final gravity. After final gravity has been reached give the yeast a few more days to clean up the natural off flavors produced by fermentation.

Thanks for the input. I think I will hold off on tinkering until I taste the original.
Then I will know what I altered.
Sounds like in general the tinkering is done in the primary fermentation phase.
The secondary is for clarification and mellowing.
I really liked the White House Honey Porter, so I am looking forward to this one as it is highly regarded.

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