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Second fermator?

Have cider in the 1 fermator. Want to put it in a second. Do I need to and sugar to help with a drier taste? When I bottle, do I need to co2 it or just bottle?

Cider benefits from aging, IMO. A “secondary” is a great way to achieve this. You only need to add sugar if it isn’t dry enough for you, or you want to make it stronger. Cider can be served sparkling or still, your choice. I prefer sparkling though.

how much sugar?

What did you use for juice? What did you use for yeast?

And how much sugar for what? Increasing ABV and drying it out? Or bottling?

I used straight cider that was pressed in front of me. My apology, I was looking for drying. I used a sparkling wine yeast. I was going to bottle.

Sugar won’t be necessary - the wine yeast will eat all the sugars in there, and your final gravity should be around 0.996 or so. That’s bone dry.

Do you want sparkling dry cider? If so, use a priming sugar calculator to figure out how much cane sugar to add. If not, just bottle away once it’s crystal clear. I like to bottle after several months, but once you rack off the lees and it’s crystal clear, you can bottle. My cider is usually done fermenting after 3-4 weeks, and clear around 2-3 months. But if you can leave it alone for 6 months, you’ll be rewarded.

Did you sulfite your cider before adding yeast?

I did not use sulfites. I don’t drink wine with sulfites in it.

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