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Second Brew Worries

I don’t remember seeing this stuff on my first batch!

Did you use dry yeast? That looks to me to be where a few got stuck when you added your yeast. If they look like they are growing like small hairs and mold like then you might worry

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Looks like yeast. Either yeast that rose with the krausen or remnants of dry yeast sprinkled into the carboy. Nothing to worry about.

Yep it was dry yeast, and it has not spread and doesn’t look hairy. that is a relief. Thanks


Your welcome!

Did you pitch this dry yeast dry into your wort? If so, you should really consider rehydrating the yeast first. Many yeast cells will not be able to properly rehydrate with the gravity of wort and subsequently die. This increases your lag time as the cells that did manage to survive try to replicate. Stressed yeast cells produce more off flavors too. Take 4 oz of water in a glass measuring cup, boil it in the microwave for a couple minutes, let it cool down to pitching temperature, and then pitch your yeast into that for 15 minutes allowing the yeast to form a cream before swirling and pitching into your wort. Cover the measuring cup with a piece of aluminum foil while the water cools down and the yeast rehydrates to keep the wild yeasts out.

Pitching temp approximately 70 degrees… Sneezles61

Thanks, I wonder why that suggestion or step is not included in kit? It makes perfect sense.

Perhaps because, for the kit (and the kit manufacturer / retailer), pitching dry results in a great brewing experience. The process of pitching dry appears to be simple, effective, and yields a good tasting beer. No worries (or support calls) around killing the yeast by putting it into water that’s too hot to re-hydrate it.

I realize that many (perhaps the majority, maybe all :slight_smile: )of the forum admins and really long time posters here are strongly in favor of re-hydrating (for many reasons). And I’ll accept that, for them, re-hydrating is the only way to brew well. I pitch dry, most of the time, with good results. On occasion, I try re-hydrating, but at the moment, I’m not seeing a difference for the way that I brew.

Thanks for the information, i gather that a few lost yeast particles is not going to ruin the brew!

Me pitch dry. Or hydrate the yeast. Dont nottice any difference must say. But i still prefer to make a starter. And me happy got my kviek yeast in yesterday. So a starter going for this sunday

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