Second Batch, Kama Citra IPA

Hello! I just have a few questions about brewing my second batch, the Kama Citra IPA. This recipe calls for dry-hopping. I was planning on skipping the secondary this time and just dry hop in the primary for the proper amount of time, and then straight to bottles. Is this going to be ok?

Second question, since this is an ale (using the Safale US-05 Ale Yeast) will it also be ok to sit around 62 degrees during primary and into dry-hopping? I’ve read about cold crashing after a few days of dry hopping, but I’ve also read it’s acceptable to just do it at room temp.

My SOP is to dry-hop in the primary. Unless I want to re-use the yeast. If you dry hop in the primary, it’ll be just fine. I did this kit and dry-hopt in primary, and it was delicious!


I DH in the primary or sometimes in the keg. Seldom use a secondary vessel.

Fermenting at 62 is perfect for most ales yeasts.

Thanks guys! I’m rather excited to get this going. Brew day is Saturday!

Today is brew day! Everytign went perfect. I do have a question about the gravity reading though. After I added the wort to the fermenter I grabbed a sample to get a reading from. Since there was an addition of hops at flame out there was still some floating around. The recipe (Kama Citra) said the OG should be 1.050. The initial reading I took was around 1.060. I decided to let it settle for a bit and I gathered another sample from the top of the wort (not as much hop sediment), and it was right at 1.049-1.050. Which reading should I rely on?

If it’s an extract the OG will be as posted in your instructions. It’s hard to get a good reading on an extract beer, because the wort and top off water do not mix well enough right off the bat. You probably had a little hop material, or thicker wort ( not as watered down). I’d say you have nailed it at the 1.05 ish

Thank you for the reassurance! It seemed right to me, but better safe than sorry. I’m glad I took that second reading.

Temperature too. Need to correct for that.

If the chart I have for corrections is accurate, I measured the sample at 70º, so I added 0.001. This puts me right on the money for the recipe. That’s IF my information is accurate :smiley:

FWIW, the kama citra is a REALLY good IPA. I know I certainly enjoyed it, and plan on brewing it again. Let us know how yours turns out.

Namaste!!! :cheers:

I agree, very good beer. I did the all grain version and used US 05, and it was very tasty. Plan on brewing again soon, but this time I am going to replace the cascades with Amarillo and use the 1272 yeast. Will be interesting to compare.

It certainly smells great, even the sample I tasted was good. I have it sitting in my basement near my desk, and every so often Ill get a sweet whiff of cascade hops.

I did an extract version with Wyeast 1056 and an all grain version with Wyeast 1272. I noticed the difference immediately, and in the future will continue using the 1272.

I’m just learning about how yeast can affect the flavor in such a huge way. I’m going to order a few kits this week and may try a few different strains. Planning on the Ace of Spades and Dead ringer, since I just got another carboy to fill!

I did an extract version with Wyeast 1056 and an all grain version with Wyeast 1272. I noticed the difference immediately, and in the future will continue using the 1272.[/quote]
+1. I use 1272 for all my IPAs, ambers and the occassional american porter. It’s a workhorse, ferments cleanly and flocs really well.

Since I’ve never made a batch with so much hops, including a hop stand, I’m curious if this greenish looking film on the top is hop sediment (this is 7 days after pitching yeast, and it fermented hard for a few days).

Yes, being new to the obsession is making me a worrywart :lol:

Yup, that’s hop particles… looks like it’s coming along nicely BTW!!

I have an extra 0.5oz of centennial from brew day. Dry hopping calls for 1oz Citra and 1oz Cascasde. Anybody think adding the extra 0.5oz of Centennial to the dry hop will be good? I really like the smell of the centennial!

I endorse adding some Centennial to the dry hops. It should add some extra citrus/grapefruit notes to the aroma.

Have you ever brewed the Jamil’s Evil Twin with 1272?