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My most significant other got me the Essential Brewers Kit with the Irish Red Ale Kit. I brewed it today and for some unknown reason using 3.5 gals of water instead of 2.5. How will it affect my process if at all? I followed every other step to the letter. Also how long should it take to see some action in the air lock? The kit came with buckets and that’s what I’m using. Thanks for any info.

good news bad news I suppose. You’ll have more beer, that’s good but it will be a lower alcohol content and will have less body I would imagine.

I think that’s a 5 gallon kit that comes with those. Did you boil with 3.5 then top up to 5 gallons in your carboy when you were done? If so you’re fine, if it was a smaller batch and you were supposed to only use 2.5, then as already mentioned, you’ll have more beer, but it’ll be weaker.

Sorry, I should have clarified that, it was a 5 gallon kit. Didn’t see how it could make a difference but it is my first time home brewing. How about the fermentation action, how soon should I see something happening there. I know, patience my boy, but just curious.

Not a problem, if anything it may be beneficial just because you will get a slightly better hop utilization. RDWHAHB!

Also be prepared for the best beer you have ever had, nothing like the first batch. :cheers:

Good deal, your right on with your volume as long as you topped up to 5 gallons or so in your carboy. You should see action anywhere from 4-24 hours, sometimes a little longer. Did you make a yeast starter? if not it’s not that huge of a deal, but you will probably have more lag time. If your lids aren’t tight on your buckets you may not notice activity in your air locks. Well done :cheers:

Thanks, you were spot on. I started getting bubbles in the airlock right around four hours and it’s going strong. Thanks for all the input. I guess every body is nervous the first time.

[quote=“hoppies#9”]… I guess every body is nervous the first time.[/quote]You never forget your first time. It’ll be great beer.

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