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Screwed bad is it?

I was making a belian white instead of adding the Hallertauer hops at the boil I added the Cascade which was to be added as a dry hop. How bad did I mess this one up? I am going to continue as recipe stated except adding the hallertauer as the dry hop…is this a good idea?

your IBU’s, hop flavors & aromas will be different, but I say continue on! you may like the end results. if not, chalk it up to experience!

I agree. And, chances are you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Ok just wanted to give the update of all that actually went wrong tonight.

First my wife had a sunday school teacher meeting so I was watching the two year old and making sure the 11 year old did her math. mistake one not postoneing brew day but, I had already put it off three days.

Second mistake was I diecided to make a grain bread with old spent grains recipe is here mistake two in the books.

The third mistake came with a previously mentioned hops, and here is were it got ugly my friends.

fourth I tried to add the whole wheat flour with out a sifteror strainer epic fail tuns of clumps had to spoon most of it out than barrow a strainer from neighboor.

Fifth mistake I started to chill the wort, about five minutes went by when i was explaing math to the 11 year old I realized I forgot to add the coriander and the orange peels at the ten minute left mark.

So I took the wort back to the flame heated it back to about 200 degrees and steeped the croander and peels for ten minutes, I than cooled the wort to 70 degrees.

The only good thing is that if it works and everything turns out I will be happy if it turns out bad I have numerous things to blame it on.

Moral of this story is pay attention and do not do six things at ounce during brew day murphy will ensure all 6 items need attention at one specific time.

On a side note the bread turned out great…used whole wheat.

It will probably be the best beer you have ever brewed.

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