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Screw up help

So I’m brewing NB’s Petite Saison … and for the first hop addition, wasn’t paying attention and added styrian goldings instead of kent goldings. should i follow the hop schedule as it is, or change it up? ... ondEte.pdf

am i too late? i’d say you would be good to go as is, there isn’t alot of difference betrween the two and it is bittering addition so you probably won’t know.

I figured as much as well. I didn’t add the whole oz. of kent goldings, and had a bag of sweet orange peel in my stock, so i added about .75 oz. I kind of just figured, “what the hell”.

Good call with the orange peel. I love this kit, but it needs to be more citrusy, like a true saison. I am brewing another one tomorrow, and may add some fresh lemon peel.

You should be fine… No worries!

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