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Screw Cap Question

So I bought a 32oz jug of pumkin ale that i wanted to try and was thinking of reusing the bottle. Should I use the cap that came with it, buy a better cap or just put a rubber gasket in the cap that came with the growler?

Without seeing it, I’d say go for it and only resort to a different cap if that one doesn’t seal. Chances are it will, although it might eventually fatigue and leak after many uses. I would be careful how much pressure you put on the bottle too. Sometimes screwcap bottles aren’t made to handle the pressures found in homebrew.

You purchased a growler of beer from a brewpub and want to use it while bottling a batch of homebrew?

Could work. Sometimes the screw cap doesn’t seal well. Personally I would not try it. Get a 2l soda bottle if you want a larger container.

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