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I have not had good luck using a secondary. I sanitize well and somehow the wort starts to work again and gets a funk. My question is: Does everyone transfer to a secondary?

Rarely. I only secondary when I rack on to fruit. I had an IPA in he primary for 6 weeks that I just kegged with no ill effects. I’d suggest being super careful about splashing when racking to your secondary to avoid oxidation. The threat is real…

Same here unless I’m adding something that is going to restart fermentation I don’t take the risk. I fruit or something starts fermentation and scrubbs any oxygen that was inadvertently introduced during transfer

I’m the dissenter around here. I’ve found my beers to clear much better when using secondary (technically it’s a bright tank unless you add fermentables). There’s also evidence that shows yeast and trub will strip dry hop oils when the finally settle out.

If you are getting a “funk” from racking to secondary or getting oxidation you are not doing it correctly. The dissolved CO2 is what’s causing your perceived airlock activity. And if you’re getting significant activity your likely not racking carefully enough.

With that said, I encourage you to try different methods and do what works best for your process/system. For me, if it’s supposed to be hazy (NEIPA, Wheat, Wits) there’s no reason to brighten the beer.

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I think you need to describe what funk is in this situation. What are you sanitizing with? I rarely do a secondary but always do it if I’m aging something more than 4 weeks.

True. If you keg it is a secondary Brite tank

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Does the funk get worse over time?

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