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Saxer lemon lager

Anyone remember this beer? It’s been a few years since Saxer went under. I remember thinking it was a bit lemon heavy to my taste.
Now that I’ve discovered sorachi ace hops I’m thinking of having a go at my own lemon lager.
I was thinking pils malt (maybe top quality 2-row), a bit of wheat and maybe a touch of a light crystal. Low to mid 20s IBUs of maybe magnum with some sorachi ace to first wort hop. Then some s a to steep after the boil or maybe dry hop.
I was also thinking maybe steam beer yeast which could work at brew room temperature (low 60s this time of year) or go in the cooler at low 50s.
Whadda ya think?

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve seen that. My wife liked it, but about 1 1/2 gave her a headache. We did make it to the brewery before they went under. I liked Three Finger Jack. Not much help with your recipe, though. Maybe some lemon zest late in the boil. I do remember it being a fairly balanced (neutral) beer as far as hops and malt.

I have not had the beer, but I think your idea is awesome.

I love the lemon of sorachi, and have been thinking a lot about a hoppy lemon lager for summer.
FW and then flameout.

The steam yeast might add a little character; I was thinking clean lager yeast for mine.


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