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Saving Yeast Yeast to Pitch on the Cake

I brewed an ipa a week ago OG @1.068 added plenty of yeast and had a grea fermentation. I wanted to pitch an imperial porter on it this weekend but events of fellow brewers is not allowing. So i was wondering what would be the best way to save the yeast for a week in a glass carboy to pitch onto. The garage is at 38-40, maybe covered with a blanket and airlock. The thing is I have 4 of the carboys we brew 22 gallon batches so we definatly want to keep this yeast.

Thanks for any responses.

Not sure about saving it in a carboy, never done that before.
I did just started washing my yeast and saving it in mason jars in the fridge and while it is a bit of time and effort it seems to be worth it. Just pitched for the first time using that method and the fermentation is going well.

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Since you can’t use it immediately, I’d recommend putting into a smaller container that you can add water to so the cake is protected. In this process, you might as well rinse it once.

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