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Saving Yeast from IIPA

Does anyone have experience saving yeast from a strong hoppy fermentation. Just pitched some fresh WY1098 and was hoping to go a few repitches. I free float the hops

What’s the OG? I’ve harvested slurry from beers up to 1.090ish.


.075 not worrying about that probably around 7.5-8% ABV. More concerned about the debre in the fermenter. I was thinking maybe racking to a secondary before dry hopping to get out the boil solids at least

Normally I would do a clean beer to build up a supply of saved yeast then just use and dump. Didn’t do that this time just built a starter and pitched. I’ve also done a double step and saved half. Needed to get this one in.

Gotcha! Yea that’s why I bag my hops both in the boil and DH.

I dumped a stalled DIPA onto a freshly kegged NEIPA cake once. It worked out but definitely had some influence from the 1st beer.

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I don’t recall getting flavors from the hops… I would assume your not collecting the whole cake, right? You would have alot of dead yeast to keep… Well, in your mortuary… What is that word for the off flavors from dead yeast… Autolisist… :roll_eyes: Sneezles61

If I am repitching from a hop bomb slurry I will do a James Bond starter, partly to minimize trub effect from the prior beer, and also because it just guarantees a good fermentation.

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same. but I have just repitched the whole mess and didn’t notice any effect from the hop trub

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Interesting. I think I’ll try to pull some of the cleanest stuff and build it up

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It’s autolysis, and that’s a HUGE stretch to claim you could have off flavors from autolysis by reusing an entire yeast cake rather than some smaller amount. How would you know which yeast are dormant vs dead? Maybe you collected only dead yeast in your spoon? That’s how homebrew urban myth gets started @sneezles61

Huh, yeast cakes… Look at that in your clear jar… As it stratifies, or creates layers… Which layer do you think is the live yeast and dead yeast? From all I read, the top white creamy layer is the live yeast… That darker bottom layer is the yeast your wanting to leave behind… Since we use our yeast quite fresh, you are right… Shouldn’t be a problem… BUT, if it is just a myth, why wouldn’t we store our brews on top of the dead for longer periods… I skim my yeast from the top… It’s has more live yeast. Sneezles61

Now you’re getting into “yeast rinsing” territory. I just don’t think it’s an issue.

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I will bring up again that autolysis is a key flavor component of champagne. From my loose understanding (not supported by google apparently) of the contents of yeast nutrients… dead yeast is a key component plus a smidge of urea (for flavor).

One last thought…
When you first get into this hobby, lots of info that you dwelled on… Read stuff to understand what’s being talked about… I read and tried… I came to my practice by way of that… I did wash a few yeast samples… That is where the piece about yeast and saving as I do just works…

whatever works for ya brother! You know me…I’m somewhat lazy with regard to some practices. This is one. Less effort…works for me…I’ll keep doing it.

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I’ll bet you brew some very brews too!
We all learn in different ways… Some are too far from the bullseye and need to be tweaked… Sneezles61

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