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Saving time on brew day

Think we got the time under control. Went from 18 hours to 12 hours a day brew session at the brewery. Got now first mash going once wort in kettle. Work on second mash. Using three kind of heat sources. Constant hot water availble. Seems to help as well to speed up the process basically once brew ready. Mash ready to transfer wort into kettle. Me happy


You may try like Fullers brewery. Their three main beers London pride Esb and bitter are all the some recipe with different hops. Was a article I think was in byo how by doing this created 3 of their flag ship beers and cut the brewing time in half at the brewery

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The way i do brew one kind of beer everyweek. Last saturday it was. Belgian tripple. A batch of 150 liters 40 gallon This saturday. A wit bier. I think. Not sure yet. Or a irish red al. Still thinking. Got to create a recipi

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