Saving the yeast

Today I kegged my Irish red. I used nottingham yeast for it and there was a very nice clean layer of it on the bottom of the bucket. I added some of the beer back to it and stirred it all up and then put it in a sanitized jar. Capped it and put it in the fridge. Next week I am brewing a stout which will use the same yeast. Do I need to make a starter or will I just be able to pitch the jar of saved yeast right in the bucket and let it rip?

The time element is no problem, might check one of the yeast slurry calculators to see about quantity for pitch rate. I let mine warm to ferment temp before pitching, I’m not sure if that’s necessary I just do it that way.

By some do you mean 1/2 or 1/4 or less ? Less than a quarter I would use a starter

I would say near a half of what was in there. Filled a 12oz jar with slurry

Dump the whole thing in. Might be a bit of an overpitch, but that’s not a big deal.

My typical harvest from a 5 gallon brew is 375 ml, after a week of compaction in the quart jar, of yeast. It is clean slurry. I strain out the hop material during the pour into the fermentor. I have been estimating 2 billion cells per milliliter for repitching.

So the week in the fridge won’t cause degradation of the yeast?

One week is no problem. After a month, if the amount of the starter or harvested yeast was minimal, a starter would be warranted.