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Saving Star San

I use distilled water to make 5 gallons of Star San on brew day. I try and save some in a squirt bottle for random things in between the times I make more of it. I don’t know why I don’t rack it into my 5 gallon carboy and save it that way. If I need to use my secondary for a brew anyways then I could use less Star San and save money. Since I didn’t save any Star San this time when I rack my brew I think I will just make 2.5 gallons with .5 oz of Star San and splash it around in the carboy and pour it into a wallpaper tray to sanitize my auto siphon, tubing, cap, and air lock.

I keep my Starsan solution in one gallon distilled water jugs. Easy to move around and pour from in that size. Three gallon plastic bucket for sanitizing the small stuff. Use a funnel to pour back into the jugs. I use pH strip to monitor the acid level for efficacy.

I use 6ml of star san in 1 gallon of distilled water and I keep it stored in my beer fridge. I also us a wallpaper try for sanitizing the long things.

I make 2 1/2 gals of star san in my bottling bucket, since I never bottle from it. Sometimes I use distilled if I have it around. I keep it covered and check it with my pH meter before using it. I’ve kept it for months like this but sometimes toss it and make a new batch, just because. It’s cheap, no point in losing a batch of beer over 25 cents worth of star san.

Great idea seems like that would be easy to do. What kind of strips do you use?

Great idea seems like that would be easy to do. What kind of strips do you use?[/quote]

The strips are by Precision Labs, Inc. Labeled pH 2844. They have a pH range of 2.8 to 4.4. Bought them at local home brew supply, in the wine making section.

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