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Save my boring beer!

I recently made a cream ale. It is a fine beer, but extremely underwhelming… no highs…no lows… kinda like if Ultra had a boring cousin…

It is cold and carbed, but i am looking for suggesions to get this snoozer ready for the dance…

Any suggestions?


Bottled or kegged ? That’s the thing with the cream ale supposed to be smooth easy drinker. Couple things you could do. Pack them away for the hot summer days when you’re looking for a cold quencher. Or you could blend it in the glass or add a lemon twist. If it’s kegged toss in some dry hops.

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Cream ale is one of those beers you can serve to your friends that only drink something that ends in “light” or Lite. Save it for them or like @brew_cat said use them for a summer lawnmower beer.

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Buy a bunch of different hops, and make teas or tinctures with each one.

Use the cream ale as a base, and using a dropper, add a little tea/tincture to each sample glass to get a taste for the characteristics of each different hop.

Figure out which ones you like the best, then you can use those hops on your next brew – perhaps even using the cream ale recipe as a base. Or look at the recipes for our host’s kits, and find which recipes use those hops, and brew those!

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Turn up the gas a bit more to give it some bite… Then have some bigger brews handy… you may want to reinvigorate your palate… Sneezles61

Might be just this style of beer…are you generally happy with your homebrews? If so, As stated above, maybe Cream ale is not for you. I tend to like the style, and when I’m not going to the Hop Dark side with Pliny, a little Cream ale is nice.

Water chemistry can be the cause of a boring, bland, lifeless beer. Especially a high pH. I target a mash pH of 5.3 and have even toyed with 5.2 to get that lively slightly acidic mouthfeel, and flavors that pop.

And like @brew_cat stated above, blending with something more flavorful might help you work through your batch. I had a twelve pack of commercial cherry gose one time that was so sweet that I couldn’t finish them. It would have been nice to cut them with your cream ale :joy:

I have struggled with that in the past as well.
If I make a batch but it just turns out bland for some reason even though
the last time you made it, it was really good.

My efforts to make it better (after the fact) have never worked.

So I just dump it. Or distill it.

I love to brew and I want to drink great beer.
Never serve mediocre beer, it will ruin your reputation. lol

I like the blending idea above if you do not wish to dump it.

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