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Saporo clone

So me went for sushi last night. Had some. Saporo beers. Nice beers bye the way. So me now thinking about. Creating a saporo clone. Did some reading. They use rice syrup. Any one ever used this. They say use it into the mash. But because. Its a syrup. Treat it like lme. Add it to the wort. Beginning of the boil. Any thought. Me thinking. Add it to the mash might give it a sticky mess. They say use 1.75 lbs. On 5.5 gall batch. On the other hand i could cook 1.75. Lbs of rice and add this to the mash

If you dissolve it in the mash water first it would probably work. I agree I would add it in the boil can’t think of any reason to mash it .

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Its already “sugar” so the I think, like both of you…into the boil kettle… I did some brews years ago with Basmati rice… Back when I didn’t know a whole bunch… It turned out quite well… I enjoyed the Basmati aroma… Got it a bit to big… 8%… Sneezles61

Will see if i can find the syrup today. Next brew session will try. Will add to the wort once get a boil.

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I love Kirin Ichiban as well. Thought these beers were mostly rice.

Post your recipe. I’d be interested in seeing it and hearing how it comes out.

I’d probably just add the syrup to the kettle. No reason I can think to mash it…

For me it’s the Sorachi Ace hops that makes it. I love that hop.

Will brew it in 2 weeks. This week a camacitra. Session ipa from our host. So here what i found. Og 1.054. Fg 1.015. 6 lbs pilsner or 2 row. 0.43 lbs. Cara pils. 1.75 lbs rice syrup. Hops. 0.50z. Zaas 60 min. 0.5 oz saaz. 15 min. 0.5 oz sorachi ace 10min. 0.5oz saaz 5min. 0.5 sorachi ace 5min they talk about ading the rice syrup into the mash. Me thinking gonna add to the boil recipy based on a 5 gal batch

Do they add it to the mash for the enzymatic conversion rice directly is not fermentable by yeast.

Dont know. But mayby thats why they use it as a syrup. Just for flav not as fermentable. Been thinking about this. Been searching. Did find rice syrup solids. They use it as regular sugar. During the brew. Me will try the syrup. And use it as adding. Lme during brew. Once a boil will add the syrup. Stir it in see what happens

@wilcolandzaat did you brew this yet? Curious how it turned out.

No not yet. Did order some rice syrup true amazon not here yet on island. The last 2 brew me focus on session ipa

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