Sankey coupler issue

So weirdest thing. I got a commercial keg of my favorite beer last weekend while I was at a funeral in WI. Looked forward to tapping it ALL week. Finally got around to it and nothing came out. Disassembled everything to make sure I had no o-ring impeding the flow… That wasn’t it.
Thought I had a bad keg… But beer would come out during connecting/disconnecting the tap, so I figured I was wrong.
Took apart the coupler and the check valve ball came out. Now it flows. I understand why the check valve is used… But what happened here? From my understanding there should be a check valve ball retainer but it’s no where to be found.

AND, I’ve never ever taken the tap apart. I’ve always just ran cleaner through it…

Any ideas as to what’s going on?

I had to go pull mine apart to look. The retainer is a thin plastic ring with three legs coming off it. It’s possible that the plastic got brittle and broke apart. Then you drank it. :grinning:

I thought that but figured I would notice that… Oh well it must have tasted good! :stuck_out_tongue:

It did, it tasted like beer!

Oh, and BTW, it gets better. Went down there to get another pint… Nothing. WTF!!! Looked, re-tapped for the 50th time… Looked some more… Thought which is starting to get dangerous at this point… And realized… I HAD TRUNED THE GAS OFF AT THE MFL OUTLET! See it’s getting dangerous now…

Now I have an excuse to blame ALL my problems on! :sweat_smile:

At least you found the problemo…. Sneezles61 :stuck_out_tongue: