Sanke Keg?

My ex-frat-rat brother in law dropped a sanke keg off at my house today, that had been kicking around for at least 5 years. The pump and picnic tap were still on it, and it looks like the leftover beer blew off and all down the side. It is one of the small ones, about the size of a corny, maybe a little shorter. Should i just take it to the scrap yard? Or is there a way to clean, sanitize and re-use without specialized equipment?



Sounds like a 1/6 keg. It should have a retaining ring/spring clip holding the spear in. Use a small standard screwdriver to pry it out, align the spear with the tabs
and pull out. Make sure you release any pressure first. Soak with PBW or Oxy Clean, sanitize, and refill.
There are many videos online that show how to disassemble. :cheers:

Take out the spear, clean, sanitize, and use it as a fermentor. The orange carboy cap should fit it… or you can drop it off at my house :smiley:


Clifford, If I decide to drop it off at your house, I’ll be there in a few weeks…I will be driving from VA!

Seriously though, If I re-use it, I would like to find an alternative to the pump. It is one of the short, all plastic ones that you pump with your palm. I need to research Ball/Pinlock fittings to see if I can find a weldless one I can add for gas.

Should have known, no such animal


Is this what you are looking for?

Yep! I should have looked more before posting the above, as I immediately found this

And there are like a hundred other pages offering them too.