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Sanke keg reuse

Just got offered about 10 pencil kegs and two full size kegs. I use corny kegs. Would these be worth the trouble. The full size I have plans for some bathroom fixtures for my pub. What about the others

You can reuse them, just have to remove the spear for cleaning and filling. They can be a pain but so can BUYING corny kegs. If it were me I would take them.

I’m thinking open them for initial cleaning then just push fill them from my cornies.I imagine I can push cleaner through them occasionally also. Shouldn’t have to open them that often that way. Does this make sense?

Seems to me a 2", maybe 2.5" TC fitting will fit the top of the keg, then you can make holes, in a blank TC cover to do just about anything with them… I thought I looked that up for me Hoff-Stevens kegs… Sneezles61

Haha yes. Me use this type of kegs. But a little search on you tube on how to remove. The spear. A srew driver. Plyers. And a pushrod. Easy to take them apart

I looked on YouTube and I see how to open them . I’ll get a couple for spares. Looks like a pain not hard. I can see why most people use corniesI.

Yea, they come apart fairly easy… I have some spare parts should you need BC ! Sneezles61

You need the right tools. And push it far enough down. So the lock comes undone

I’ll let you know. This guy I know closed his bar. 4 of the kegs apparently are full. He said some type of IPA he didn’t remember what kind. I’ll get them this weekend and find out .

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