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Sanke dip tube/stem removal

Hi All,
I’m making a keggle and was wondering if anyone had a method of removing the stem out of a sanke? Not sure how to depress the safety latch underneath the springload. I saw a pic of someone using a screwdriver but I can’t seem to work this out. Obviously the easiest way around this is to cut the hole and remove the whole lot. Any advice? Thanks, Mike

PLEASE release the pressure before you attempt to cut the keg.

Good Luck

That’s already been done.

Should just need to depress the ball to romove the pressure, then use a small jewelers type scewdriver to remone the retainer ring. After the retainer ring is removed, twist the stem to line up the tabs and pull out the stem. Sometimes those things can get pretty caked up and it helps to give the retainer ring a good soak to loosen it up before trying to remove it.

All threads are loose and free. Per some info I’ve obtained, there’s a small notch about 2" inside the neck that prevents the stem from exploding out, a safety precaution. This little nub/notch must be depressed horizontally in order to get the spout through the neck. Nothing a plasma cutter can’t stop and fortunately, there’s about a gallon of stale beer swishing around inside which will tamp the slag.

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