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Sanke/Commercial Keg question

With my first child newly arrived, I’ve found my homebrew schedule tough to maintain. For this reason, I converted a sanke coupler to fit my two tap kegerator. Tapped my first keg, and didn’t realized that I didn’t have the CO2 running to the keg yet when I pulled the pressure relief valve. Noticed pretty much immediately and turned the CO2 on at the source. My questions, did I risk flattening the beer? Did I risk oxidizing the beer? Figured I’d be in a select group of idiots if I managed to oxidize a commercial keg, but just wanted to know what I may be up against.

I know the normal RHWHAHB, but as noted above, I haven’t had time to make any so the house is homebrew free.

The keg is fine. It is fairly difficult to completely out gas beer. And since you only pulled the relief valve once you just off gassed the headspace and did NOT allow O2 in. After you off gassed CO2 in solution would have filled the headspace further protecting it.

You were right… RDWHAHB… guess you better make some!

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