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Sanitizing Tube After Blowout

New to brewing and had my first fermentation blowout the other day. Pretty sure beer is OK since I had sanitized the tube just prior to use, and had the other end in sanitizing solution. However, since removing the tube and affixing a bubbler, i’m having trouble cleaning the 5/16 vinyl tubing. I’ve repeated a cycle of soaking it in concentrated B-Brite for extended periods of time and then rinsing it out. All chunks of residue were removed the first go around, but the tube has a persistent brown hue (i’m making a brown ale) and a persistent (delicious) smell of beer. I’m concerned that the tube is not fit for reuse as a blowout tube or siphon.

  • Am i using the wrong sanitizer for this situation? Is there something else i could/should be doing?
  • Could it be that this tube is not worth salvaging? (i have a spare)

Most grateful for any advice/insight anyone can provide. Thanks and Cheers!

Better to be safe then sorry IMO… Use the new one… Tubing is cheap!

You could cut a small piece of cloth and tie it to a piece of string to pull it through the tubing.

I’ve found soaking tubing in a Oxy/PBW/B-Brite solution give the tubing a white haze. It’s still clean and can be sanitized.

I’m familiar already with the white haze caused by soaking in solution for a long time, but this hue and smell is definitely something different. I might try fishing cloth thru to scrub … if that doesn’t do the trick, or i decide i’m too lazy, i’ll take dukslayer888’s advice and consider this tube gone. It’s not worth risking a batch to try to salvage to a cheap tube. Many thanks!!!

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