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I have brewed 2 batches of beer now and they both tasted pretty good but had a little bit of a funky after taste. I used an Ecolab brand manual bar glass sanitizer that I had a lot of from my last job. Would this be the reason I’m getting this aftertaste? Should I stick with starsan or some other type of sanitizer specifically made for home brewing? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

According to the label I found online, it says it provides 100ppm of chlorine when mixed according to instructions. Personally, I do not like using chlorine. Plus, if you don’t mix it exactly, you could end up with way to much chlorine (or not enough).

I don’t have any personal experience with this product, so others may have a better feel for it, and maybe it is just fine. But, I think I have tried about every cleaner and sanitizer that exists, including bleach, and it is really hard to beat PBW for cleaning and Star San for sanitizing in my opinion.

this ^^^.


It’s probably because you only brewed 2 batches. I used one-step my first year of brewing (GASP!). Two things you can do for your beer as far as flavor is:

  1. Control the fermentation temperature. Keep the beer in the 60’s.
  2. Pitch the proper amount of yeast.

Do these two things and if your funky after taste still exists, check sanitation and your equipment.

“Funky” as in band-aid? Did you rinse off the chlorine-based sanitizer?

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