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Sanitizer- keep or dump

How long can I keep my sanitizer, or do I need to dump it after brew day is finished?

You can keep it awhile, especially if you mix it with distilled water. But it’s cheap enough, I don’t take the risk and dump it after using it. Except for a spray bottle that I top up each brew day. That I’ll keep around for weeks.

Are you using Star San?


A solution of Star San can be kept indefinitely. As long as the pH is 3.0 or less it is effective. You may want to toss it though if there is obvious gunk in it from sanitizing some equipment that hadn’t been thoroughly cleaned. Making up the solution with distilled water will keep it more clear than if you non-chlorinated tap water. Minerals in tap water will turn the solution cloudy but this does not change the pH or its effectiveness.

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Yeah, I’ve got a small collection of bleach bottles with star san, I will pour it easy, and leave just about 1/2 cup worth in the jug, which I will dump down drain. You’ll see some stuff that has settled out in that portion you dump. Sneezles61

@sneezles61 After sanitizing stuff in a bucket I’ll let it sit for a few hours, or day. I watch for crud in the bottom as I pour back to gallon jugs. Usually I also will dump the final cup of solution.

White vinegar jugs are also great for storing solution. Sturdy like bleach jugs. Distilled water jugs tend to crack at the corners if not set down very, very carefully.

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I mix up 2.5 gallons of Starsan at a time and keep it in a 5 gallon bucket that has a screw on lid to seal it. You can find these lids at Home depot. They snap on to the bucket opening like a regular lid but the inner part of the lid screws on. Very handy and much easier than prying a lid off. I generally go about a month before I have to dump it and make fresh. I also keep a spray bottle filled all the time and that comes in handy for sanitizing small items, hoses, spoons, valves, etc.


I dump the large amounts but keep a sprayer with Starsan around all the time. Each time I brew and make up a new bucket of it I replace the sprayer contents. We usually have the sprayer in the kitchen to spray the sink, sponge or whatever.

I do try to keep the bucket amount as small as possible. Just enough to dunk whatever needs it then use the sprayer or a paper towel to wipe stuff down.

It’s not a bad idea to save and reuse it. I just don’t want anymore steps and don’t find it expensive enough to worry about it.

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