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Sanitizer from Airlock in Fermenter


I’m in the midst of my first 1 gallon batch. Everything went smoothly during brewing, and within a few hours I had vigorous fermentation. However after the first night, I noticed the krausen expanded into the airlock, and got into the sanitizer solution in the airlock. It looks like there is a chance that a bit of the solution may have gotten into the fermenter. I immediately replaced the airlock with a blow-off tube, and let the carboy sit. After this it continued to vigorously bubble for another 24 hours, then began to slow down. I am now almost a week into the fermentation, and there is still some slow bubbling, which tells me the yeast is still working.

Has anyone else had this happen, and if so what was the result?


It won’t be a problem. That’s why you put sanitizer in the air lock.

Why are they still selling the 1gal kit with a 1gal fermenter???

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