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Sanitizer advice

I have brewed 6 batches of beer using one step as my cleaner/sanitizer. Every beer has turned out great. I read that one step is only a cleaner. Am I at risk of infection using one step only? I was told by a brew shop in the north suburbs to use one step because no rinsing is required.

One Step is ok as a cleaner, but I pefer to use Star-San as a Sanitizer.

yes you are risking an infection. Keep using the one step to clean, go ahead and rinse it, then use starsan to sanitize (no rinse after the starsan.)

Yep, pick yourself up some Starsan for sanitizing

Or the iodine based sanitizers. But Star San has a longer “mixed” shelf life.

In a pinch, you can make a mix of water, bleach and vinegar for a no rinse sanitizer. ... radio-2007 and scroll down to the March 29, 2007 podcast.
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