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Sanitized Fermenter - How long will it last?

I just made my first batch and in the process of sanitizing the primary fermenter, I also sanitized the secondary fermenter. I put the airlock (with sanitizer) on the secondary fermenter and set it to the side. My question is, do you think I will need to sanitize the secondary fermenter again before I transfer it?

As long as you don’t do anything to allow contaminants into the secondary, it will stay sanitary pretty much forever. But I find it is good practice to always sanitize just before use, as that way I never mess up and accidentally rack into an unsanitized container.

Thanks. I figured that was probably the best move, but thought it was worth the question.

What rebuiltcellars said. Also, the beer now has alcohol in it. That, along with the hops, will make it more resistant to contamination.

I assume the same goes for a cleaned fermentor.

I star- san everything I touch 2 min. before I use them. Mainly because I’m beginning to forget a lot.

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