Sanitize the orange zest?

I am planning to make the American Wheat Beer extract kit, and want a hint of orange flavor in the end.

I read online to add some orange zest at the end of the boil, maybe 2oz. Does this need to be sanitized first?

Also, are there any better ideas for how to add a little orange to a wheat beer?


Na, adding it to the boil (last 15min) will sanitize it. I like using fresh orange zest. You can buy the peels at your LHBS too, but zest works well.

Great - thanks.

And what do you think about the amount of fresh zest? I see dried zest on sale in 1oz bags.

For fresh, is 2 oz a reasonable amount?

Not sure about the weight, but I’ve used the zest from 3 medium organic oranges with good results.

EDIT: I did wash the oranges first, but again, no need to sanitize. The boil will take care of that.